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My creative vision has always guided me towards brands that are keen to improve or streamline their aesthetics.
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I'm passionate about improving brands, and I have a few skills up my sleeve above and beyond design.

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Looking for creative strategy and beautiful assets for your brand? Meet Lindsay and Brent.

  • We've got a combined 20 years experience in design and marketing
  • We work with both local startups and bigger international brands
  • We'll create a strong strategic vision along with the assets that go with it
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Global experience.

Check out my latest work, from experience design for Nike in LA and Ryot in London to ongoing branding in Amsterdam.
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“A roaring success, we are producing better quality design, faster.”
Tracey Lang, Marketing Director, Uniqlo
“A pleasure to work with. Very easy going, creative and highly productive!”
Arno Kelders, Global Brand Manager, Spaces
Driving business forward.
Alexa, Autograph
Exceeds expectations.
Miro, Miro House
Talented and dedicated.
Josh, Happy South

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